SC3 Hintergrund

For manufacturers and builders of roofing farms, frame houses, houses from glued beams and other wooden structures

We offer a service - PRE CUT on a woodworking machine Speed-Cut SC3

The Speed-Cut cutting machine was designed primarily for quick and accurate cutting, as well as for the processing of simple wooden parts. When cutting components of trusses or elements of a wooden frame, unprecedented speed is achieved up to this point, while maintaining the same flexibility and accuracy of cutting.  

The most rational machine for the manufacture of frame structures and cutting elements of trusses on nail plates

Technological operations Speed-Cut SC3:

  • cut
  • drilling
  • milling
  • groove selection
  • marking
  • inscription

Fast cutting with additional processing capabilities (options)

It is possible to process workpieces of any length with a cross section from 20x440 mm to 160x450 mm (optionally 200x450 mm).

The Speed-Cut machine has two conveying systems that operate independently of each other, which makes it possible to more quickly and accurately manipulate workpieces in an extremely short production time without losing time for readjustment and adjustment.

By optimizing the cuts, several different parts can be made automatically from one long workpiece. On a standard machine, it is also possible to transport and cut blanks in batches, while maintaining processing accuracy (packet processing).




SC3 wall

SC3 truss


sawe TJI



Our designers will provide you with detailed information on how to build a house so that the construction process becomes much easier. When applying the pre-cut technology, all the necessary wooden parts are sawn and marked. Also, at your request, we can engrave your company logo! Using pre-sawn timber and the recommended construction principle, you will save your expensive time during the construction process.


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